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Happiness to Have a Family: Adoption Day with KWU was celebrated in Kherson

30 September 2019, during the big Christian holiday of Vira, Nadia and Liubov and their Mother Sofia the foster families of Kherson Oblast celebrated Adoption Day with KWU.

Kherson Women Union together with the Office of the Children’s Services of Oblast State Administration have been celebrating this holiday for the second year in a row at the third queue of the shopping mall “Fabrika” for the table of events to be planned to the best and where every family member could find entertainment to his/her liking.

For example, this year while the children were having fun, the adults had a possibility to communicate with each other, to draw sand pictures with the youngest or join the contests and take part in a contest for the most creative wish “Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si”.

Those children, who couldn’t “find” themselves in “moving” games and guessing a piece of music, were invited to the location “Sandy island”, where children took part in creative master-classes.

The year past was full of discoveries for Kherson Women Union. As through the own project of the Corporate Coaching, we haven’t just worked with foster families, but learnt “from inside and out” about your concerns. Now we know what it means to live in a big family, to cozy up to each other and share the warmth with everyone. It’s not easy for you. But the main is that you have dared to open your hearts to each other and now live in a big close-knit family”, stated Iryna Nikolayeva.

The Head of the Office of the Children’s Services Olena Mikheieva addressed the foster and adoptive parents with the words of gratitude.

“There are 802 children in our oblast that are looking for the happiness to grow in a family. We hope that they will also find adoptive parents. I would like to express you, the adoptive parents, a big gratitude that you have found strength and love to foster children. You have changed their lives, and now they have families,” she emphasized.

This year 29 families were among the guests (12 family-type children’s homes, 16 foster families and 1 patronate family) that are raising 157 children.

If to compare with the results of last year, the geography has expanded a lot. These were the guests from Bilozerskiy, Oleshkivskyi, Holoprystanskyi Regions, and such cities and towns as Hola Prystan, Oleshky, Kherson, Liubymivska joint territorial community of Kakhovskyi Region and the urban-type settlements Chaplynka and Hornostaivka.

The holiday was held as the family kinds of activities.

The foster families faced off in a dancing battles, took part in a “Battle of generations”, guessed movements and songs, took part in a dancing flashmob.

The adult and young guests of the holiday were charmed with weightless dancing of a young ballet dancer Polina Pavlenko, the boarder of the choreographic studio for children “Mria” (directed by Olga Shylina and Tetiana Budnikova) and the pupil of 7-B form of Kherson Multidisciplinary Gymnasium #20 named after Borys Lavreniov.

What’s most important, everyone has caught the spirit of this day: light and superb, full of hopes and emotions, and, finally, a combative spirit – to win the first place for his/her family.

As every child has the best family!

Shopping mall “Fabrika”, event agency “ASSORTI”, art-studio “Pisochnyi Ostriv” and especially to Iana Bohachova and the craftswomen of the studio, the choreographic studio for children “Mria”, Beauty workshop Sofi, Contact Zoo “Strana IenotiIa”, Kherson Caramel Workshop, Kosovan Iana – the founder of sand art studio “Ostrov”, Art School “Art-Insight Studio”, Beauty Space – venue of beauty and school of make-up, sound workshop “SLON”.

Photo: Aliona Martynenko, Alina Mazurenko


Спілка жінок Херсонщини

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