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За мир, добробут та щасливе майбутнє наших дітей!

Flashmob of Feminity and KWU: united by peace-making mission

On 27 August the Flashmob of Feminity that was organized in Kherson by Oksana Ferman, club “Psychology of the Third Millennium” and the educational project “”School of Life”, joined together the active women of Kherson in a great peace circle dance. The participants of the flashmob reminded the society about the necessity of harmony, tolerance and peace on the Earth. The partner of the event became Kherson Women Union, paying special attention to the women’s role in peace-making.

In her welcoming speech the Head of KWU Iryna Nikolayeva emphasized that peace-making values are of high importance for the society:

“Nowadays, countries in which women have active civil position, take up a notch in democracy, economic growth and social sphere. Women are especially strong in peace-making, thanks to which nations start qualitatively new life. That is why, in spite of our ethnic origin, religion and belief, to stand guard of peace-making means to safeguard the better future for ourselves and our relatives”, considers I. Nikolayeva.

It has already become a tradition to wish peace and goodness on a multimeter fold of peace during the Flashmob of Feminity.

There was an organized creative location for children among the novelties of this year. Children were drawing bright pictures on a symbolic white paper, adding vivid colors and positive energy to nowadays.

More than 300 Kherson women took part in the peace circle dance, which hand in hand embraced the whole Svoboda Square with their dance.

Especially touching was the performance of the children’s circle dance. Everything was organized thanks to performance ensemble “Dancing School Delsarte”, which not only prepared a dance for the flashmob, but also carried other children with themselves.

As in the whole world, the Flashmob of Feminity in Kherson was finished with a solemn procession of all its participants.

Smiling and charged with positive energy women had a walk along the main avenue of the city – Ushakova Avenue – to Dnieper embankment.

Along the way, we were presenting flowers to women and wished peace on the Earth to all the women met.

Photo: Alina Mazurenko, Maksym Popko.


Спілка жінок Херсонщини

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