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More than 100 citizens of Gola Prystan and its region took advantage of the program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast choose health”

The next stage of the social and medical program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast chooses health” is going on in Gola Prystan Region. Residents of Oleksiivka, Chornomorsk, Oleksandrivka, Novovolodymyrivka, Dobropillya have already became the Program’s participants.

Mobile team of doctors has performed more than 100 free of charge medical examinations for women and children in these 6 locations. The interesting fact is that pediatricians, who worked in this region, state that parents are attentive to children’s health, do vaccinations in time and take care of them in a right way.

As for women, who passed medical check-ups, the best index of self-nurturing is the fact that there are no oncopathologies found here among the reporting panel. There was only one who needed follow-up examination by the thyroid specialist.

Except for pediatricians and gynecologists, dentists were also involved in trips to these villages.

Please be reminded that the social and medical Program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast chooses health” is implemented by Kherson Women Union, Medical Center “Taurt Medical”, Charity Fund of Ievhen Ryshchuk and Toyota-Center “Auto-Plaza” Kherson.

The main aim of the Program is to perform early detection and prevention of oncopathologies in Kherson Oblast among women and children of non-urban area.

The Program has already embraced Kalanchak and Chaplynka Regions, only one location of Skadovsk Region and as of today 6 villages of Gola Prystan Region.

Visit doctors on regular basis! Early detection saves lives!


Спілка жінок Херсонщини

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