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Cooperation is the only right way of development

“Cooperation is the only right way of development. When someone does something better, it should be recognized, and everything should be done to learn doing the same way and not to be ashamed of learning. A very important agreement was signed with our Turkish partners that opens the possibility of medical tourism, upgrade qualifications of our doctors and charity on behalf of the Clinic “Umut” in case of costly surgeries”, shared the Chief Physician of Medical Center “Taurt Medical” Oleksii Herman.

On 30 May 2019 the memorandum association between Kherson Medical Center “Taurt Medical” and Turkish Clinic “Umut” was signed, which makes provisions for cooperation, experience exchange between doctors of two medical institutions and fulfillment of surgeries in the following spheres: oncology, children and plastic surgery.

As the Chief Physician of “Taurt Medical” Oleksii Herman noted after signing the memorandum, a serious step towards potential development of the whole healthcare industry of the region has been made:

“One of the main streams of cooperation with the Turkish Clinic will become oncology. It is very important. Medical institution “Umut” performs high-quality surgery operations on extraction of malignant tumors and performs high-quality chemotherapy. Other area of focus is children’s surgery that is absent in Ukraine. And the third one is a popular one now, i.e. plastic surgery. Experience has proven, it is more proficient in Turkey and is much cheaper due to state support of medical tourism”, - said O. Herman.

Head of KWU Iryna Nikolayeva spoke about the importance of such kind of partners relationships between the clinics:

“Signing of Memorandum association with the Turkish side gives a unique possibility to Kherson children to receive medical treatment of the international level. I consider it to be a new level of development of healthcare not only in Kherson, but in Ukraine as well”, said I. Nikolayeva.

The first conference and master-class from plastic surgeon from Turkish Clinic “Umut” is coming soon.

Photo: Aliona Martynenko


Спілка жінок Херсонщини