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“Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose Health”: quality and affordable healthcare

Next stage of social healthcare program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose Health” implementation has already been completed and it has embraced around 600 patients from 12 inhabited areas of Chaplynka Region. Within this term the mobile doctors’ teams cut through 3,038 km, “ran through” 46 hours on business trips, involved 12 specialized medical doctors and 4 regular volunteers.

On 15 May 2019 the mobile doctors’ team of social healthcare program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose Health” visited vil. Shevchenko of Chaplynka Region. It is the twelfth, as they say, the “outermost” inhabited location that was embraced by the program in that region. Before that, there were trips to Nadezhdivka, Dolynske, Khlibodarivka, Khrestivka, Strohanivka, Pershokostiantynivka, Pavlivka, Skadovka, Preobrazhenka, Magdalynivka. 590 habitants in total, 260 out of them were children, have done free of charge medical check-ups that according to the aim of the Program should show up oncologic diseases at early stages and anticipate “enlargement” of disease.

Mobile teams that went to this region included obstetrics and gynecology doctor, pediatrician and quite often – endocrinologist, which examined both women and men. By the way, 7 men have become the participants of the Program in Chaplynka region. As it turned out during the check-ups that thyroid body functional failure is often observed among the region’s inhabitants. That is why everyone should keep an eye on it.

“Every time doctors’ mobile team departures for the trip to the village, I pray for the health of its inhabitants. As it is so important, for the healthcare help to be in time and effective”, shared his worries the co-organizer of the Program, Deputy of Oblast Council Ievhen Ryshchuk.

As of today we already have reassuring results of the Program’s implementation. Thus, three brave, without any exaggeration, women having heard wake-up calls about their “pre-cancerous condition” went at once to the Oblast Center for treatment. Our partners from Medical Center “Taurt Medical” have brilliantly performed surgery operations and right now these women are getting well successfully. As the result, healthy mothers and wives will come back to their families.

“Well-coordinated work of all the partners of the Program gives us possibility to respond to any kind of challenges. For instance, the pediatrician sent Tetianka to Oblast Center for a treatment in one of the inhabited area. She was detected to have bronchitis and a number of current diseases. We have put the word out and everyone was involved: doctors, volunteers, sponsors and the child was supported with everything needed. She recovered in a week and went home. It speaks for itself; the Program is performed by the real devotees”, said the co-organizer of the Program, Head of KWU Iryna Nikolayeva.

“Constant results, fulfillment of the promised, open-minded good attitude to each patient and proficient medical care – these are the main principles implemented by the Program’s doctors. We are on the right track”, mentioned the co-organizer of the Program, Chief Physician of the Medical Center “Taurt Medical” Oleksii Herman.

Voluntary work stays under the radar very often. As to organize a trip, placement, to arrange communication with the patients and stuff of the local FAS is a longstanding and meticulous work. Especially, it is difficult when the organizers are in the Oblast Center, and the issues should be solved on the ground. Here we were backed up by the Deputy of Chaplynka Rural Council Oksana Bogdan. We greatly appreciate your help, Miss Oksana! KWU Manager Liubov Ivashchenko went together with the mobile doctors’ teams all the time, now she knows everything about the Program:

“Every trip is a special story that is not alike the others. We face a number of obstacles: from problems of transportation between the villages, cold FAS and some organization issues that are solved by the devotees at places. But when people come for a check-up, you forget about this routine. As for them, doctors’ arrival is a possibility, even a chance to save their lives. Very often women say that they haven’t attended doctors for 10 – 20 years, or don’t know how to take care of toddlers. Sometimes, they say that they don’t have the possibility to go to the Oblast Center for a check-up, and there is no doctor at local FAS”, said KWU Coordinator of the Program Liuba Ivashchenko.

We have already mentioned that due to the lack of knowledge and absence of proficient medical care on the ground Kherson Oblast is among top three oblasts of Ukraine as for detection of oncologic pathologies at a late stage. This points to the fact that people don’t pass medical check-ups with preventive aims, but come when “it hurts”. Only in Chaplynka region 26 patients with oncologic diseases were found. That is every 12th adult patient that has passed the oncological check-up within the Program’s framework, has oncologic pathology. It is a very high rate, and we hope that every person that was detected oncology will obligatory recover!

Next stage of the Program’s implementation is planned for Skadovsk region. At the moment, the organizers have faced non-acceptance and distrust towards the Program on behalf of local authorities that casts doubt on its implementation in Skadovsk Region. Alas!

Please take care of yourselves and visit doctors obligatory!


Спілка жінок Херсонщини

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