Спілка жінок Херсонщини

За мир, добробут та щасливе майбутнє наших дітей!

Reporting Conference of KWU: summing up the results, planning, keep going ahead!

250 red and white roses for the Union’s women, unbelievable compliments and deserved awards – these are the main memories from this annual Spring Women Conference of Kherson Women Union. But all in good time…

On 24 March crystal and shining hall of Toyota Center Kherson “Auto-Plaza” accepted the guests of III Spring Women KWU Conference. This is the place where we managed to place more than 250 honored quests. There were women-philanthropists, volunteers, representatives of the active general public and business circles of the region. The majority of the invited people were the active participants of Union’s work, partners and friends, who share our values and put their faith in them.

Partners’ interesting locations, spring like decorated with fresh flowers photozone and quality backing vocal from local band “9/16” created the unbelievable atmosphere of the evening that by its grandeur showed itself to be as a remarkable event of region’s public life last year.

However, for union’s members the Conference is an opportunity to hug each other and to be happy about jointly fulfilled projects once again. And, of course, to plan work for next year.

“We managed to calculate that within 2018 the Union succeeded to help and to support by all means around 8 thousand children from the Region. And this is thanks to each of us, our Dear Volunteers, Partners and Friends.

At the proper time, I didn’t even think that my activity would go beyond the banking sphere. But 2015 became a remarkable one for me. That year I took part in the round table that was held in Moldova and that turned my awareness upside down. The Prime Minister of this country told us about the situation that worked out with Trans-Dniester. This conflict has been lasting for more than 20 years and, unfortunately, it has been perceived as normal one. That is, people have already lost their hope to reunite their families, those who had abandoned their homes – to come back. It does not only strike me, but became that starting point when I started peace-keeping. I don’t do it alone. It is the achievement of our big team, each of you”, - with these words the Annual Conference was opened by the Head of Kherson Women Union Iryna Nikolayeva.

Projects that we are working with

The presentation of the Union’s projects appeared to be very busy: the Program of Corporate Coaching “Step by Step”, “Children’s Day with KWU”, the family holiday of Ukrainian charm and traditions “Ivana Kupala”, social medical program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose Health”, social project “I – Saint Nickolas”, The Prayer Day for Orphans, social play “The Nutcracker” –this is only the top of the iceberg of the team work of the Union’s volunteers and partners.

One by one our partners were going up the scene for an award. It is very pleasant that there were successful and active men among them, such as the founder of the Charity Fund Ievhen Ryshchuk and the Chief Physician of the Medical Center “Taurt Medical” Oleksii German.

They in particular helped to “oil the wheels” of the incredibly important matter for the inhabitants of the remote regions of Oblast – the social medical program on the performance of free of charge oncological check-ups for women and children “Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose Health”.

And also they helped to fulfill the Program of Corporate Coaching, “I – saint Nickolas”, “Children’s Day together with KWU” and the family holiday “Ivana Kupala”.

Kherson Women Union also distinguished a titanic work of the Office of Children’s Services of Kherson Oblast State Administration on Children’s support, who are deprived of parental care and the Family Center “PRIDE” for the incredibly hearty social project – dancing and acrobatic play “Probably, It was for Real?”.

Those, who are inspiring

There are women that do incredible things every day: make unbelievable projects come true, take grip on themselves, absolutely self-confidently and sometimes by intuition they do what a great many of people can’t cope with. Every day they work for augmentation of goodness. And by doing this they inspire and grasp.

“A woman that inspires” is a special award of Kherson Women Union that was received by each of them that evening.

Among inspiring women are: Head of Ukraine Women Union Leokadia Gerasimenko, Head of the Fund of Kherson Community “Zakhyst” Larysa Polska, Para-Olympic Championess Iana Liebiedeva, craftswoman Tetiana Kazarian, writer Tetiana Gladysh, Head of the Club “Family Harmony” at Oblast Administration of Ukrainian Blind Association Svitlana Kandala, Union’s volunteer Olena Seredenko, Union’s Project Manager Liuba Ivashchenko and permanent lead of the majority Union’s events, a Founder of the Training Center “GO UP” Olga Gmyria.

You can get acquainted with the winners of the award “A Woman that inspires” in our material here:

We are planning, congratulating

This annual Reporting Conference of Kherson Women Union has announced many new projects. Among them are the Program of Corporate Coaching, “Stop School Bulling”, project “I speak Ukrainian”.

Same as before, holidays “Ivana Kupala” and Children’s Day will be thought out by the Union, and this year young and adult inhabitants of Kherson and Kherson Oblast are going to enjoy interesting entertainments and drive of summer amusements.

After the Conference everyone interested could participate in master-class of Iurii Pogribnyi “How to take compliments”, and every participant of the event received her Rose of Goodness from the Union’s team.

“Today I am insufferably lucky. As thanks to all of you, the guests of the Conference, my heart became bigger 250 times. And it became so huge that it will be able to create and augment Goodness”, - shared with the guests her impressions from event the Union’s Head Iryna Nikolayeva.

P.S. This event was held by Kherson Women Union with the charitable purpose – voluntary donations were gathered for the fulfillment of the Corporate Coaching Program. 11,825 uah were gathered for the organization of master-classes, trainings and on-site excursions for the Program’s participants.



Спілка жінок Херсонщини