Спілка жінок Херсонщини

За мир, добробут та щасливе майбутнє наших дітей!

Flashmob of Feminity in Kherson: Happiness, Tenderness, Peace

Kherson’s Svoboda Square turned into the floral kingdom of nymphs on August 01st, 2018. They came for the first time to join the International Flashmob of Feminity – with flowers, in light colorful dresses, hand in hand with their girl-friends, mothers and daughters – in order to remind the whole world that peace, beauty and humanness are the guarantee of happiness.

It is for the tenth time that Flashmob of Feminity gathers girls and women around the whole world on city main squares, and Kherson women took part in it this time as well.

“There is so much light, sun and warmth from each of us that it’s just breathtaking!” Iryna Nikolayeva, the Head of KWU, addressed the participants in the opening speech.

“Such a holiday of feminity couldn’t be ignored by Kherson Women Union. that is why we are here today, and I am happy to see pleasure in your eyes!”, she summed up.

“Flashmob of Feminity will be our great message of peace, goodness and tenderness. For everyone to feel how it is important to smile in proper time, to support someone and be happy because of it”, Oksana Ferman, the organizer of the flashmob, mentioned.

Every event’s member left her wishes of peace and reconciliation to Motherland, wishes to get together next year again and obligatory reread everything with best wishes.

Flashmob of Feminity has united around three hundred beautiful participants in a roundelay.

This sacred dance of ancestors, through powerful concentration of positive energy, kindness and openness has turned women and ladies into real boisterous girls for several minutes. Yes, it has really lit their eyes with happiness!

Inspired and smiling, the flashmob’s participants went along the city’s main avenue presenting flowers to women, passing by. They reminded to everyone that to be a woman is happiness, and peace is a happy life in a natural and playful way!

Photo by: Maryna Burak

Translated by Anastasia Kyselyova


Спілка жінок Херсонщини

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