Спілка жінок Херсонщини

За мир, добробут та щасливе майбутнє наших дітей!

Territory of happy childhood : Children’s Day with KWU!

The greatest summer holiday – Children’s Day with KWU – was traditionally held on a massive scale at the equestrian club “Grand Prix”, that is located in the village Pravi Sagy, Oleshky Region. Children from Oblast remote villages, towns, regional centers and Kherson played the whole day, learnt something new, and what’s most important – learnt their rights, guaranteed by Convention on the Rights of Children, in an interesting way.

According to the organizers’ expectations, the holiday was visited by 6,000 children. Though, there were not only children of “record” categories, but simple boys and girls, boarders of kindergartens and pupils who decided to spend this day in an active way with parents. By the way, there were lots of adults as well – around 3,000 people.

On 1 June 2019 there was held “Children’s Day with KWU” holiday. Everyone, who visited the out-of-town complex “Grand Prix” at least once, understands that there is no better place for children to be found, firstly, it is an unbelievably beautiful place, filled with the harmony of nature, cozy locations, comfortable arbors, and playgrounds. In addition there are lots of wonderful fairground attractions for children and mini-zoo in “Grand Prix”. We would like to thank to the general partner of the holiday – Fund of Ievhen Ryshchuk that helps us to make fairy tale come true.

Twenty partners’ locations were working during the holiday. Mainly due to these constant friends of the Union and the Fund, the children visited master-classes on hair braiding and applied arts, interactive games and informative zones on native shore nature, became the participants of the environmental patrol and got acquainted with the modern practices of waste sorting, learnt about career guidance and child’s law culture.

Firstly, let’s speak about the important location on children’s rights. There are such partners among our reliable ones, who protect children’s rights and can speak about them in an easy for understanding and interesting way – Principal Territorial Administration of Justice in Kherson Oblast . Under the slogan of the Ministry of Justice “There are no somebody else’s children” they have held lots of interactive games, quests, and educational lessons on legal topics, and all this was very interesting. Also, Children’s Day concurred with birthday of their friend – Iustymchyk! Children congratulated him with great pleasure and gathered a big festive cake.

And also – inspiring voice of the holiday – active, bright and fairy Aliona Zariutina, who guided the whole event from the big scene of “Children’s Day together with KWU”.

The team of Holiday Agency “Assorti” helped us to create the atmosphere of a holiday.

We were pleasantly surprised with the guests of the holiday – youth band “9/16” that with its live performance of the best Ukrainian and world’s hits has created driving atmosphere of holiday. As adults were singing together with children.

And of course, what kind of Children’s Day can be held without ice-cream?! 5,000 of delicious portions of the most loved childhood’s delicacy from the manufacturer of happiness TM “Lasunka” (official representative in Kherson – LLC “Firm Iceberg LTD”) has made this holiday not just tasty, but perfect!

The chefs of the restaurant “Allure” treated everyone – youngsters and adults - with new potatoes, porridge, salad and lemonade absolutely for free at the improvised field kitchen. We would like to thank the most responsible volunteers – students and teachers of Kherson Hydrometeorological College, who spent the whole day giving out food, not having even a minute to take a memory photo!

By the way, Head of Velykokopanivska Oblast United Territorial Community of Oleshkivskyi Region Valentyna Dmytrivna Kostenko responded to the organizers’ call to supply children with vegetables for cooking fresh and healthy food as quick as a thunder. And thanks to her help every young and adult guest had a possibility to taste delicious summer salad from new cabbage!

An unexpected kicker of the holiday became a child’s pool at the restaurant’s territory. Not even a pool, but a beautiful fountain turned to a pool by children! They not only were splashing there, but also had a ride like penguins from the cartoon, were fishing, jumping and laughing!

It seemed as if it was not just a holiday, but a day of total emotional break away. The whole territory of the complex started to “play” with kaleidoscope of events, where different age groups and social statuses became equal in games, dances and competitions.

“We wanted to present a holiday to children who are deprived parental love, for them to play with children from common families and share their impressions. It’s a precious experience for them; and not just a rest, a possibility to learn something more and receive more warmth” , shared the Head of Kherson Women Union Iryna Nikolayeva.

This day will be recollected by everyone for special impressions from playful photo zones and life-size puppets and jolly groups of people who tried themselves at sport competitions and dancing phrases. The most important was the fact that this hive of around 9,000 people interacted in a balanced way and let everyone to have rest.

The most active and most curious guests of the holiday found an unexpected engagement for themselves at the location Fitness club "Lemon". And this is all due to the fact that partners prepared really something unusual – yoga for children in English! Even some adults couldn’t remain indifferent.

Our stylish partners of the holiday – stylists and hair braiding masters Anastasia Sotnyk, Daria Gorielova, Viktoria Gorielova, Iana Medvedchuk, beauty parlour "Unicorn_Beauty_Room", Anna Vorobiova and Olesia Ivashchenko, beauty workshop “Sofi” were making nice hairdo and hairstyling with braids.

There was a zone of outdoor games from animation artists of Family Sports and Entertainment Complex Jump Park. Everything was available to children at their location: from aqua make-up artists’ services to master-classes on gathering balls and soap bubble shows.

Megapositive Ievhen, who represented our constant partner – the shop of modern electronics “Kibernetiki” in spite of high heat, welcomed, entertained and saw off guests of the holiday.

Partners’ attention was felt everywhere. Thus, clean sound, brilliant background music during the concert and wonderful stage were taken care of by the specialists from Creative Workshop “SLON”, whom we relied on our event not for the first time. But a real bonus of happiness became soap bubbles from “SLON” that met young guests at the entrance the whole event.

Also, our young guests were happily met by our constant volunteer of KWU and favorite of all the children – a life-size puppet Ienot (Raccoon) from the team of Contact Zoo "Strana IenotYa".

And the artists Hanna Ignatenko, Iulia Kuzero, Iryna Udvud and Oleksandra Oleynyk were painting happy children’s faces the whole five hours.

Children’s educational and entertaining center “Kid’s CLUB” also admired with aqua make-up. They have prepared a real childhood holiday with gigantic soap bubbles.

Specialists of Kherson City Employment Center held very useful lessons to children, during which children could picture their dreamt future profession. Just imagine their dreams! Everyone was active and performed all exercises, everyone interested had a possibility to take part in contests with interesting titles: “A secret box”, “Spy profession”, to perform all exercises on mindfulness “The most..”, “Find profession in poem’s title” and “Decoder”.

Our partners from alternative educational project “Shkola Zhyttya” (School of Life) prepared a jolly marathon and the whole play club for children with the title “Game Heaven”. They performed quests for children and adults, challenges that have environmental direction and lots of other things.

There were held creative master-classes for young pupils at the big desks of Children’s Educational Center “Sovenok”: doing paper, ribbon crafts, a bauble plaiting and lots of other different interesting things.

Branch of National Olympic Committee in Kherson Oblast created a real Olympic venue of the holiday that was located at the green meadow. The most active guests of the holiday could not only just participate in different marathons and relay races, but also become real Olympic champions and receive wonderful prizes.

The real Hawaii Fest was prepared by our active partners – teachers of School of New Children “Novaya Shkola” (New School). Together with children there were created issue-related elements of clothes, hairdos; and what a joy was received from our water balloons and Holi dyes bombs; a gigantic queue was standing for them.

This year the most inspiring and vivid dancingcollectives gave their performances at the stage: a role-model dance company Dancing School Delsarte amazed guests with wonderful folk-street and a “furry dance”. A master class on breakdance was among surprises for the guests – lots of boys and girls turned out to have a real talent to review these difficult stunts. And Producing Center “Chudesa” (Wonders) prepared not just a concert program, but a real show. Spectators were impressed from the very beginning by show performances with wonderful titles: “Jolly friends” and “Tutti-Frutti”.

There were those who take care of cleanness during the holiday all the time, and pay a special attention to waste sorting and utilization according to the rules – our environmental partner – regional representative of the initiative group “Let’s do it, Ukraine!”. During the whole holiday, participants of this location and their main coordinator Iulia Tyshchenko were making calls for cleanness and responsible attitude towards tidiness.

A wonderful performance was held at our festive stage by inclusive theatrical studio “Svitlo v Tobi” (Light Inside You) ” Inclusive Venue of Children’s Dreams "Sunny World" with a play “Usual Role – Special Actor”. The actors performed so true to life! Only those who believe in fairy tales can act like this! These boys and girls didn’t leave anyone indifferent and brought the audience to their feet, as everything they do is filled with kindness and light.

There was also an educational location where small Cossacks with games of the peoples of the world and pottery found their place. All this fascinated with its large scale, breath-taking freedom and care about small Ukrainians. Cossacks suggested everyone interested not only to get acquainted with, but to play novus (marine billiards), elastic, elastic-quadro, Jenga and to build the highest tower.

For active and spikey guests there was available the location from the team of The National Natural Park “Nyzhniodniprovskyi”. Here everyone was convinced that games dedicated to studies of home nature can be interesting to the modern children.

Location, especially loved by children, was from our reliable partners- law-and-order candidates of Oleshkivskyi Police Department of Novokakhovskyi Police Department of the Principal Administration of the National Police in Kherson Oblast. These courageous boys in uniforms spoke with youngsters with great pleasure, invited to sit in and give a honk in a real police car and try the helmet on.

Thanks to our partner Dentist Center “Apollonia” there were held lectures on how to take care of their teeth from the childhood just during the holiday. The children were told about the right way to clean teeth, personal hygiene and rules to take care of mouth cavity. And at the end, all interested received a surprise – tasty gingerbread with icing and image of a merry tooth.

It was really interesting and comfortable in such a big and noisy hive. And all this thanks to the fact that the holiday was organized and “secured” by hundreds of volunteers.

“Today, 300 of volunteers are working on the territory of out-of-town complex “Grand Prix” , who are making this holiday unforgettable, for everything to pass entirely without incident. These are active public figures, representatives of conscious business and usual Kherson folks. Everyone was united by one goal – to make Children’s Holiday special, easy and breath-taking. We wanted, and as we see, have succeeded in it – to present happiness to children”, - shared the Deputy of Oblast Council, the Philanthropist RYSHCHUK Ievhen.

Really, Children’s Day became easy and breezy, fresh and newly attractive.

Especially demanding we treated safety and security arrangements of the holiday. And it is so pleasant that there were very attentive, caring and unbelievably professional – coworkers of Medical Center "Taurt-Medical", who took care of health of holiday’s guests.

This year, we were able to host record number of holiday’s guests. And just imagine, how many emotions, impressions, wishes could be collected here. Our interviewer – a wonderful Olha Gmyria – asked so many people about it.

We would like to thank our media partners: KHERSON-city – magazine of your city, Radio “Roks”, newspaper “Oleshkivskyi Visnyk”, Shopping and Entertaining Center “Fabrika”, television channel “KRATU”, “Kherson: Social”, “Kherson Plus”.

Special thanks to volunteering photographers: Aliona Martynenko, Nataliia Nozhevnyk, Violetta Vdovychenko, Tetiana Skliarenko, Olga Chornozub, Nadia Kruglikova!

We would like to thank all of you, who made this day unforgettable together with us! See you next year!


Спілка жінок Херсонщини

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