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Three Months in the Same Breath: Overall Results of the Social Program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose health” implementation in Kalanchak Region

First results of the social program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose Health”, which has embraced Kalanchak Region at the start, speak for the importance and effectiveness of the program.

Annually, more than 4,000 new ill people with cancer are found in Kherson, and more than 2,000 Kherson folks die from this disease. As of 1 January 2019, there are 29,659 ill with cancer on file at Oblast Cancer Register – it is almost 3% of all oblast inhabitants. These are not just horrible numbers; it is one of the biggest, both medical and social, problems in Ukraine and Kherson in particular. Cancer incidence and mortality rates increase all the time due to unfavorable ecological situation and significant ageing of oblast population. One of the reasons of high mortality rate is late case finding.

Social medical program of preventive measures and early recognition of cancer diseases “Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose Health”, that was started by Kherson Women Union, Charity Fund of Ievhen Ryshchuk, Medical Center “TaurtMedical” together with partners - Toyota Center “Kherson” and Kherson Oblast Cancer Dispensary in 2018, is called to raise the effectiveness of preventive measures and help the inhabitants of the remote villages and settlements to get qualified medical treatment, to find pathologies at early stages.

First results of the social program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose Health”, which embraced Kalanchak Region during October 2018 – January 2019, speak for its great success. As mobile teams were welcomed by every community and every locality.

Thanks to the doctors’ professionalism from Medical Center “Taurt Medical”, skillful organization and active volunteer work of Kherson Women Union, financial support of Kherson Oblast Charity Fund of Ievhen Ryshchuk and logistics organization of Toyota Center Kherson “Auto-Plaza”, and together with Kherson Oblast Oncological Dispensary a great deal was managed to be done.

For only three months of the program fulfillment in Kalanchak Region there were performed toll-free medical checkups in the locations which Oblast Oncological Dispensary has not embraced with oncological surveys. Within this period of time 354 patients, both adult and young, were checked, 28 women were sent to additional health examination as suspects for oncological pathology. The doctors found 4 ill women with oncological diseases, 3 of them on the early stages, which mean that these women have hope for quick and total recovery! More than 30 children were sent to additional health examination with therapeutic indications.

These indices are the evidence of the fact that the social program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast choose health” is the necessity of time. It should be mentioned that parents stand in line in every settlement for their children to be seen by the pediatricians. Parents’ consultation is another bulk of work. Complementary feeding, healthy nutrition and hygiene, healthful development, injections, allergies and even digestion – these are the questions that they are interested most of all. And thanks to the pediatricians’ consultations parents came back home with necessary information. On top of all, children got memorable gifts from Charity Fund of Ievhen Ryshchuk.

Especial attention was paid to women from Kalanchak Region, as very often they said that they haven’t had oncological survey for years. As for work of Medical and Obstetric Centers, it turns out that there are locations without physician assistant at all.

Thus, the most important is the atmosphere of trust and kindness that was created and notice to everyone that it is of vital importance to take care of own life and lives of the relatives.

Especially trembling memories are from those villages that we have visited and you wrote thank-you letters to our FB page.

In February 2019 the program “Kherson and Kherson Oblast Choose Health” starts its work in Chaplynka Region. Mobile teams of doctors on detection and prevention of oncological diseases among women and girls are going to visit soon: February 16 – vil. Nadezhdivka, February 19 – vil. Dolynske, February 27 – vil. Novonatalivka, March 01 – vil. Khrestivka.

Within the frameworks of this program women and children will be able to pass medical checkups by the qualified doctors from Oblast Center. Pediatricians will perform advisory reception and children checkups from 0 up to 18 years. Obstetrician-gynecologists will receive patients from 18 years (consultations, examination, and collection of samples). Thyroid specialist will receive patients from time to time. Seeing the doctors and collection of samples are toll-free!

Fixing an appointment takes place at village Medical and Obstetrician Center or local outpatient department.

We are happy to be of help and to understand that Kherson Oblast inhabitants choose health!

Photo: Alyona Chelak, Aliona Martynenko,

From private archives of the program’s volunteers


Спілка жінок Херсонщини