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Conference of active citizens opens up new possibilities for communities

On 21 January 2019 there was held the first meeting in the framework of project “Conference of Active Citizens” on the grounds of Central Library of the urban-type settlement Kalanchak. The event that was commenced by Kherson Women Union with the support of Kherson Oblast Charity Fund of Ievhen Ryshchuk had the aim to get acquainted representatives of Oblast Territorial Communities and Rural Councils, heads of educational and regional cultural institutions with the possibilities of grant activity at the local level.

For around 30 participants of the conference there was created a kind of space for sharing experience and information as for the implementation of socially significant projects with the help of big and small grants.

As grant is, first and foremost, a social investment, the founder of the Charity Fund Ievhen Ryshchuk has commented this event on his Facebook page, emphasizing the importance of social constituent of the event:

“For a long time, grant work has been downplayed by the subjective attitude towards “grant eaters”. Soon there appeared jealousy towards those who weren’t afraid and fulfilled the project. For this reason, it is important now to open up grants for the communities and “give a fishing tackle” to every community that needs development”, - stated Ie. Ryshchuk.

Olena Iakuba, Head of the Department of Grant Projects Support of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Oblast State Administration, spoke about regional grant work, successful experience of the communities, types of grants and their directions.

The main groundwork and best experience of grant projects implementation was shared by the experts of CO “Community Center “New Generation” Oksana Gliebushkina and Olga Zhukova, who spoke mainly about practical moments of project work implementation. That is they told what to start with, step by step, when planning a project.

Special guest of the conference, Ievhenia Gliebova, Head of Novomykolaivska Rural Council of Skadovsk Region, shared with the participants the practical experience of preparation and implementation of the development projects of Novomykolaivska Rural Council.

In spite of the fact that communities’ representatives had different levels of experience in grant work, everyone noted that the Conference was of great help to them:

“We took part in grant calling, wrote projects, but didn’t win. Now we see our rough edges and what should be paid attention to,” – stated Natalia Botvinko, Head of the Creativity Center for Children and the Youth of Kalanchak Rural Council.

“We weren’t acquainted with grant work. Now we see that we can “ask for” so needed sport playgrounds, energy-saving technologies and medical equipment through grants and actually receive them!” – emphasized Olena Kovalenko, Head of Rozdolnenskyi Teaching and Educational Complex.

As the question of the efficiency of grants preparation and implementation needs both experience and knowledge accumulation, there were planned several meetings with the experts. As the most important is the fact that there are specialists in our communities, who decided to make something important for people. And they have plenty of ideas – from recreational and healthy way of life projects to implementation of ambitious plans of development of economical attractiveness and energy saving.

Thus, we hope that the acquired knowledge will find its practical implementation soon!

Photo: Mazurenko Aiina


Спілка жінок Херсонщини