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За мир, добробут та щасливе майбутнє наших дітей!

“It was probably for real?”: presentation of a fairy-tale to children

A social run of an unreal dancing and acrobatic play for children and adults “It was probably for real?”, inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann “The Nutcracker”, which was held on the stage of the Oblast Palace for Children and Youth on December 9th, presented a holiday of unforgettable feelings for 700 spectators.

Due to the support of Kherson Women Union and Kherson Oblast Charity Fund of Ievhen Ryshchuk the New Year fairy-tale of such a level was seen by children from the furthest villages of Kherson Oblast, small boarders of Oblast boarding institutions and Kherson children with disabilities. The organizers of the play were the authors and producers of the performance - Family Center “PRIDE” and Studio of Sport Poledancing “Kostrikova Pole Sport”.

Among the honored guests there were boarders of Novokyika’s Special Boarding School, children and parents from Kherson Municipal Civil Organization of Mothers of Disabled Children “Serdtse Materi” (Mother’s Heart), CO “Centre “Sophia”, pupils of Kalanchak, Chaplynka, Skadovsk, Hola Prystan Regions, boarders of Kherson Special Boarding School for Hard of Hearing Children.

Guests were met in the lobby with topical photozones by the polite volunteers of Kherson Women Union, which presented memorable gifts from Kherson Oblast Charity Fund founded by Ievhen Ryshchuk and helped spectators to take their seats comfortably at the audience hall.

And finally there it was! The exciting beginning of the dancing and acrobatic play - and everyone was carried away in a fairy kingdom where tender Marie, brave Nutcracker and terrifying Mouse King lived.

“It is especially surprising that this fairy tale was prepared for children by the children” – emphasized Head of KWU Iryna Nikolayeva. “It is impossible not to believe it, it is amazing!”

“May all your New Year wishes come true. Have dream and have faith in a fairy tale”, - wished to all the children Ievhen Ryshchuk, the founder of the Charity Fund, Deputy Head of Kherson Oblast State Administration.

In the meanwhile, the stage was embraced by the magic of dance. A well-known from the childhood plot of “The Nutcracker” was originally interpreted by the dancing performance of the family dancing center “PRIDE” and unbelievable acrobatic skits and staging from dance studio “Kostrikova Pole Sport”.

“Children are amazed with the possibility to act, to create something that will take children’s and adults’ breath away. Everyone feels so expansive and will participate in new plays for sure” – stated the organizer of the play, Head of Family Center of Contemporary Choreography “PRIDE” Liubov Kolosova.

In her turn, Head of Studio of Sport Poledancing Kateryna Kostrikova emphasized that for her and her trainees, the main aim was to create the atmosphere of miracle and goodness. And also to show that Poledancing is a difficult type of sports, and it is worth of paying attention to it:

“We wanted something incredible. This is the way that the idea of our “Nutcracker” appeared. We have added skits on pole for people to have faith in this kind of sport and for them to understand how hard this work is”.

The fairy tale spoke the language of dance in this play: the fight of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, dreams and reality. The run of the fairy tale blazed through and it, of course, ended with the triumph of good over evil.

The young spectators rumored in the corridors afterwards: “Have you seen how her dress was shimmering?”, “How they were holding their legs and swinging?!”, “How can anyone hung on hands only?”, “They are so beautiful … and do the splits from standing position”.

Well, if you still have doubts, whether it was possible or not, visit the show next time! The play will assure you!

Photo: Alina Mazurenko


Спілка жінок Херсонщини

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