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Rebirth of Lebedinka – through difficulties: straightforward answers from the project initiators

On September 28th, 2018 the activists and the inspirers of the renovation of Kherson heart – Swan’s Lake – told about changes for the better in the project of this civil venue restoration coming true in the café-theatre of Kherson Oblast Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after Mykola Kulish.

The press-conference took place with the participation of the initiator of Lebedinka’s rebirth, Deputy of Municipal Council Valerii Borzhkov, his collegues from the deputy corps Olena Mazur and Viacheslav Iaremenko, the Deputy of Oblast Council Oleksandr Knyga, the architecture Iurii Tupichkin and the winner of the civil locations’ contest – Artur Aimetov.

Starting his communication with the journalists, Valerii Borzhkov mentioned that a question of the Swan’s Lake restoration has faced a number of obstacles: mistrust, political subtext and even trivial bureaucracy:

“We have done a great job. But the bureaucratic processes are procrastinating the project’s fulfillment. So, for example, City Day has already passed, and we still don’t have all papers ready. Moreover, we need more attention from the Public sphere and Mass Media. If we all say that the city needs it, we will have the result soon”, noted V. Borzhkov.

According to him, the initiative group of Lebedinka’s restoration is learning the best domestic experience in the fulfillment of such kind of projects. For example, such cities as Lviv and Vinnytsia, where locations are being successfully rebuilt.

“It happened so that this question was under review in political body for a long time. While people were enjoying the bill boards, there was held a serious struggle in the City Council. Especially, when it became understandable that the issue has moved off dead center”, mentioned the Deputy of City Council Olena Mazur.

The Deputy assured that the project “Lebedinka”, though being procrastinated, should be fulfilled within this term of office.

“Lebedinka’s bowl was included in the asset list of the Communal Enterprise, it is already not abandoned. In December we will have design estimate documentation, so, things keep going, though very slow”, told O. Mazur.

Also, Olena Mazur has quashed rumours that financing, foreseen by the budget, for this matter, are being spent in the improper way:

“Finances stay on the accounts full and complete, they haven’t been spent on anything else. I, as the Deputy of the City Council, have made the request therefor to the Budget Committee and have the official answer”. O. Mazur showed the supporting document.

Also the participants of the press-conference assured that the ambitious plan of Lebedinka renewal has become not only a matter of honor, but a push to the fulfillment of the projects alike. Thus, young and talented designer Arur Aymetov has demonstrated the own project of the city embankment. So, the work jogs on!

Let us recall, that Administration of the Capital Reconstruction of Kherson Municipal Council has contracted an agreement on the design estimate documentation development of Swan’s Lake reconstruction. The price of the project is more than 712,000 uah.

Translated by Anastasia Kyselyova


Спілка жінок Херсонщини